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Shinjitai - "Future Frequency"

Our protagonist:  

A neo-classic--bold, discerning, and unafraid of the strange beauty of the new. She is a bohemian cyberpunk with an obsession for Grace Kelly and mecha anime, effortlessly gliding through the neon Harajuku night. Deliberate, delicate, powerful, optimistic. Her mind is sharp. Her heart is young. Her step is sure.  

Gucci's history is a blooming vine of global innovation. New materials and movements found their home again and again in Gucci's hands. In honor, the artists varied mediums to create this wearable art.

Shijitai was digitally hand-sculpted and textured with AI-Collaborative art, combining advanced mathematics and aesthetics of ancient paintings and tapestries. Disassembled to purest form--shapes and colors--it was then arranged as abstract collage, glowing and dancing over the fabric. A laborious process, this is a love-letter. It’s intended to reflect the sophistication of experience, the innocence of youth, the depth of tradition, and the light of the future.

This lot includes the digital artwork (shown here in our lot image), as well as (i) a three-dimensional file, which has the ability to be displayed as a sculpture in the metaverse, worn on an avatar, 3D printed, or used in any other related three-dimensional digital setting; and (ii) the avatar itself. The successful buyer of this lot is also entitled to a physical roll of fabric (50 yards), printed and embroidered with the digital artwork’s primary AI collaborative pattern. The fabric will be the first physical work of fashion from either artist and is accompanied by a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.





Emi Kusano

Tokyo-based multidisciplinary artist who explores retro-futurism, accelerationism, and nostalgia for Japanese youth culture and anime. Her current career began as a street photographer in Harajuku, Tokyo, and has expanded to encompass everything from installations to music. Currently, Kusano is pioneering in the field of post-photography, an art form that blends reality and fiction, combining old and new media to create a new visual language beyond the traditional boundaries of photography. Her groundbreaking work was selected as the first AI cover for WWD Japan and she continues to shape the future as a member of the Japanese Government’s Cultural  Council. In addition, the anime project Shinsei Galverse, which she co-founded, has achieved record-breaking success and is further accelerating anime creation within the community using AI.

Claire Silver

an anonymous AI-Collaborative artist whose work is an ongoing visual conversation with AI, exploring themes of innocence, trauma, the hero's journey, and how our view of them will change in an increasingly transhumanist future. Her art can be found in the permanent collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and has been sold at leading auction houses, SuperRare and has been exhibited in galleries, museums, and festivals all over the world.

Featured in the New York Times, WIRED, Forbes, NPR and countless podcasts, Silver takes every opportunity to explore her unending fascination with AI, fight for visibility for the budding art movement, and wonder at the magnitude of this moment in history. She often feels like a caveman painting fire.

Silver is vocal in her belief that with the rise of AI, for the first time, the barrier of skill is swept away. In this evolving era: Taste is the new skill.

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