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Shinsei Galverse- Creative Director

Born in the final era of human existence on Earth, an information flare stemming from the artificial lifeform known as Mother System explodes, scattering the Gals across planets where humans reside. The objective of the Galverse is to restore peace to the universe. Despite landing on planets with varying levels of civilization, they sync information while asleep to aid each other. This is an anime adaptation project based on the NFT collection "Shinsei Galverse," which achieved the number one rank in the global 24-hour rankings on the world's largest NFT marketplace, OPENSEA. Featuring 8,888 female characters known as "Galverse" dispersed from the Mother Planet, this is a sci-fi fantasy set on a cosmic stage

Track Record

Launched on April 14, 2022, the 8,888 Galverse NFTs sold out within 6 hours.

Achieved the number one spot in the global 24-hour rankings on OPENSEA on the day of the launch.

Accumulated a total trading volume of 5,000 ETH (approximately 2 billion yen) within two weeks of the launch, including secondary sales, attracting global attention.

Owned by notable individuals such as m-flo VERBAL, Randi Zuckerberg (sister of Facebook's founder), and Yoichi Ito.

Scheduled to speak at NFT NYC in June 2022.

Numerous collaboration requests from industries outside of anime.

Featured on NHK, TBS, and other media outlets.

Collaboration with Grammy-nominated artist Tove Lo's in creation of Galverse Music Video

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