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Synthetic Reflections

Synthetic Reflections is a self-portrait series by Emi Kusano, accumulating visions of the future once imagined by the past and lyrically illustrating their unique anticipations towards the technology of their times. In an era of post-truth where AI shapes identity, Emi, through her work, explores the impacts of this technological revolution and the timeless human desire to leave an imprint on oneself.


Each piece captures Kusano in a retro-futuristic world, an alternate universe where echoes of past dreams and future visions blend. They evoke a unique blend of nostalgia and boldness. Imagine a magazine cover where classic and modern fashion photography intertwines, stimulating a dialogue between the observer and the self-portrait that transcends time.


Questioning the significance of self-image in a mutable reality formed by generative AI, these portraits evolve into dynamic reflections of our identity, perpetually inquiring about the meaning of self-immortality.


"Synthetic Reflections" merges art, technology, and fashion, navigating the duality of personal and universal, transitory and eternal. Welcome to this journey that reflects the pursuit of identity in a post-truth world. Despite our era being synthetic, it stands testament to the enduring human desire to be seen, understood, and remembered.

Secondary Market (SuperRare):

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