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Techno Animism

In the crucible of Japan's cultural imagination, where every object is believed to house a spirit, and technology is embraced not as a foe but as a companion, the series "Techno-Animism" manifests as a profound exploration of this symbiosis. These Long-Form AI Works are a testament to the seamless integration of Japan’s animistic beliefs with its forward-thinking embrace of technology. Here, kami—the spirits of Japan—do not reside in the forests or temples alone but also in the silicon and circuits of the robots and digital entities that populate these works. These creations are not just mere reflections of the natural world but are also infused with the life-force that Japanese culture perceives in all things, animate and inanimate alike. This collection is a canvas where past and future coalesce, where the essence of eternal Japan is interwoven with threads of a time yet to come. It's a narrative that unfolds in the interplay of light and shadow, a dance of the metaphysical with the tangible, resonating deeply with the ethos of harmony that is central to the Japanese way of life. Each work in "Techno-Animism" is an invitation to witness a world where the boundaries between man, machine, and nature blur, proposing a future where technology augments our reality, not detracts from it—a future where we move forward hand in hand with the very essence of life that animates us all.

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