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Emi Kusano

Multidisciplinary Artist

Emi Kusano, a Tokyo-based multidisciplinary artist, employs AI to merge past and future aesthetics, challenging our perceptions of art and technology

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Upcoming collection...

Melancholic Magical Maiden


Emi Kusano's first fully on-chain generative coding artwork, curated by ArtBlocks.

Mint: Febuary 28th

WWD Emi Kusano Cover 草野絵美 AI 表紙

Emi Kusano × WWD magazine

Emi Kusano featured on Japan's first-ever AI fashion media cover. Her AI-self, styled as a glitched librarian, graces the cover of WWD JAPAN June 19th 2023

Ongoing Exhibitions

21st Century Museum 21世紀美術館 DXP

DXP Exhibition @ 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa
(*Temporary Closed)

Neural Fad: AI dreams Nostalgia @ Museum of Contemporary Tokyo

​Featured in

Emi Kusano × Bright Moments World Tour

Gucci × Christie's Auction

Anime Project Shinsei Galverse

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