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Emi Kusano

Multidisciplinary Artist

Emi Kusano, a Tokyo-based multidisciplinary artist, employs AI to merge past and future aesthetics, challenging our perceptions of art and technology.

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The Altar of Bonnō

"The Altar of Bonnō" explores the Buddhist concept of bonnō, or blind passions, and how they drive our actions and emotions. This series of 25 generative AI works delves into material desires and their impact on spiritual harmony, blending Japanese culture, Western influence, and Buddhist traditions.

Date: June 10th 
Platform: Verse
Curated by TENDER

Current Exhibitions


Now in Digital Art: Play room
@ Akbank Sanat, Istanbul


Artificial Dreams
@ Grand Palais Immersif, Paris

WWD Emi Kusano Cover 草野絵美 AI 表紙

Emi Kusano
× WWD magazine

Emi Kusano featured on Japan's first-ever AI fashion media cover. Her AI-self, styled as a glitched librarian, graces the cover of WWD JAPAN June 19th 2023

​Featured in

Emi Kusano × Bright Moments World Tour

Gucci × Christie's Auction

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