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Techno Animism

 Bright Moments Gallery
Exhibited in New York and Tokyo

In the crucible of Japan's cultural imagination, where every object is believed to house a spirit, and technology is embraced not as a foe but as a companion, the series "Techno-Animism" manifests as a profound exploration of this symbiosis. 


Morphing Memory of
Neural Fad

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

This work features numerous photographs of somewhat familiar yet strange sceneries. Displayed are fictional street snapshots made by generative AI. The series of images reexamines the relationship between AI and human memory by evoking our feeling of nostalgia through AI creations.


​Pixelated Perception

​FEMGEN Artblocks Marfa

Pixelated Perception explores the complex confluence of the digital and the tangible, highlighting the diverse transitions in Japan. In the 1990s, pixels, the minute elements of the digital realm, emerged prominently in platforms like mobile phone communications and instances of censorship, subtly altering our perception of reality.


Filter Bubble Euphoria

Exhibited in Unit London

Filter Bubble Euphoria embodies her nostalgia for the time when cyberspace was in its genesis, a period of simplicity and limitless connections before the age of algorithmic isolations.


Synthetic Reflection 

SuperRare series

Synthetic Reflections is a self-portrait series by Emi Kusano, accumulating visions of the future once imagined by the past and lyrically illustrating their unique anticipations towards the technology of their times. It was featured on Japan's first-ever AI fashion media cover.

スクリーンショット 2023-08-26 225813.png
スクリーンショット 2023-08-27 232716.png


Collaboration with  Claire Silver
​For Gucci x Christie's

Shijitai was digitally hand-sculpted and textured with AI-Collaborative art, combining advanced mathematics and aesthetics of ancient paintings and tapestries. Disassembled to purest form--shapes and colors--it was then arranged as abstract collage, glowing and dancing over the fabric.

スクリーンショット 2023-08-27 233143.png
スクリーンショット 2023-08-27 233203.png
スクリーンショット 2023-08-27 233243.png
スクリーンショット 2023-08-27 234017.png

Neural Fad

Bright Moments Gallery

NeuralFad reimagining the rich vocabulary and history of Tokyo street fashion through AI, the collection takes the viewer across and beyond the post-war decades of Japanese fashion history

スクリーンショット 2023-08-27 234219.png
スクリーンショット 2023-08-27 234407.png
スクリーンショット 2023-08-27 234243.png

Shinsei Galverse

Co-Founder and Co-Author

The artificial life form Mother System, born in the last era that humans lived on Earth, serves as the origin of an information flare that explodes, scattering the Gals across planets where humans reside. The goal of the Galverse is to restore peace to the universe. 

スクリーンショット 2023-08-27 235046.png
スクリーンショット 2023-08-27 235108.png
スクリーンショット 2023-08-27 235144.png

Satellite Young

Music Project

80's synthwave group from Tokyo. The music creates a modern twist on the 80's, incorporating themes such as the societal aspects surrounding cutting-edge technologies

Satellite Young - New World Banzai / 新世界Banzai  (Official Video Collaboration with Lu Yang)

Satellite Young - New World Banzai / 新世界Banzai (Official Video Collaboration with Lu Yang)

"New World Banzai” by Satellite Young ⇒ Collaboration video with Shanghai based contemporary artist Lu Yang ⇒ Directed and edited by Emi for the first time :) #LuyangAsia #SatelliteYoung #ShanghaiBiennale ■Spotify ■Instagram ■Twitter ■Facebook Lyric 嘘に真を重ねて 耳から耳へとバラライカ 一度食べれば癖になる 一回だけでもやらないか ディストピアには飽き飽き 計画的な反社会派 非現実から頭皮せよ Are you ready come on baby? 着火ファイヤー! 失くしちゃったLiberty I’m just a 一般人 攻撃する理由とか レッテル貼るのは 酸性雨に慣れる My next next generation 風の谷につれてけ you’ve got me up the air 一,二,三,四 己の頭 하나, 둘, 셋, 使ってみよう ひ、ふ、み、よ 己の力で Uno, dos, tres お金稼ごう One, two, three, four 己のお金で Eins, zwei, drei お寿司食べよう หนึ่งสองสามสี่ 回してみれば 何もかもが君のものさ、今にみてろよー! 前前前世の記憶は  まとめてみんなで電脳化 色あせた虚構みたい でもこの世はでっかい宝島 アクセスラブが消えない 信じてみようよプロバイダー 人工樹脂のこの皮膚  Oh Can you feel it? Come on baby 着脱可! 目に見えない金出せ QRコード Money それがやっぱ合理的 明日のおひねり あれもシェア これもシェア 共謀をしようや マテリアルな贅沢は 時代遅れよ! 一,二,三,四 己の魅力 하나, 둘, 셋 みんな釘付け ひ、ふ、み、よ 己の頭脳 Uno, dos, tres みんな惚れ惚れ One, two, three, four 己の人生 Eins, zwei, drei 己が決める หนึ่งสองสามสี่ 己の個性 Uno, due, tre 磨き上げよう 一,二,三,四,五,六,七,八,九,十,十一 扉ひらいて イチニーサンシ 回してみれば 何もかもが君のものさ、今にみてろよー! 一,二,三,四 Один, два, три एक, दो, तीन, चार Moja, mbili, tatu Một, hai, ba, bốn Satu, dua, tiga 何もかもが君のものさ今にみてろよ
Satellite Young - Modern Romance (Official Video)

Satellite Young - Modern Romance (Official Video)

2017/11/18 release "Modern Romance" 【iTunes】 【bandcamp】 テレビ朝日『関ジャム完全燃SHOW』、フジテレビ『めざましテレビ』でも紹介され、話題沸騰中のジャパニーズ歌謡エレクトロ・ユニット、「Satellite Young」のニューシングル、"Modern Romance"! This song is about love in the digital tinder time. Dedicated to Aziz Ansari. Satellite Young 『Modern Romance』 iTunes Storeほかで配信中! 1. Modern Romance 2. Modern Romance (Original Karaoke) 3. Modern Romance (H.N. tribute remix) 4. Modern Romance (brinq -Neo Tokyo- remix) Lyrics: Emi Kusano Music: Emi Kusano, Bellemaison Sekine, Yusuke Morita Arrange: Bellemaison Sekine Produce: Hirotsugu Kawazoe, Satellite Young ■Music Video Staff Director + Edit / Ambar Navarro Producer / Jesy Odio Cinematography / Ariel Pomerantz and Kate Steinhebel Grip and Electric / Gustavo Brum Assistant Editing and Colorist / Fidel Ruiz-Healy HMU / Leticia Llesmin Stills Photography / Laura Houlberg Production Assistants / Eben Zboch and Spencer Frazen Lyric Translation / Eric Bradford Special Thanks / Yours, Babak Khoshnoud, Kula Revolving Sushi, Tatsuo Fabio Fukuda, Emery Martin, FD Photo Studios, Weston Allen Satellite Young / サテライトヤング -Emi Kusano (vocal) -Bellemaison Sekine(sound-man) -Tele Hideo(Media Technologist) ■Official Website ■Spotify ■Twitter ■Facebook ■Soundcloud #MordenRomance #Tinder #AzizAnsari
Emi Satellite - IPO feat. SKYTOPIA  (Official Audio Visual)

Emi Satellite - IPO feat. SKYTOPIA (Official Audio Visual)

It's Emi's second solo single! Emi Satellite (from Satellite Young) further cements the launch of her solo career through the release of 2nd single “IPO”. The song was also used in a promotional movie for “Google Pixel Buds”. A remix of the song is also available on Foundation, the NTF platform, via an auction. The NFT consists of rearranged visuals and music, which are exclusive and available only to the purchaser and owner of the NFT. ⇨ Satellite Young 主宰・ボーカルの草野絵美が Emi Satelliteとしてのソロ活動を本格化。セカンド・シングル「IPO」Google「Google Pixel Buds」の Special Movie の楽曲にも起用されています。また、今回の楽曲のリミックス版を自身の初のNFT*作品《Love is IPO》としてNFTプラットフォーム『Foundation (』で発表しており、入札次第オークションも開催いたします。本NFTは世界で1個限定となっており、所有ユーザーはオーディオ・ビジュアルと、それに使用されているリミックス楽音源を所有することが可能です。 ⇨ Sound produced by SKYTOPIA Audio Visual by Mathias Adam #IPO​ #EmiSatellite​ #EmiKusano​ #SatelliteYoung​ "IPO” by Emi Satellite ⇒ Support us on BandCamp ⇒​ Follow me online: ■Spotify ■Instagram​ ■Twitter​ ■Facebook​ SKYTOPIA's social media: ■Instagram​ ■Twitter

Instababy Generator


From 2018, Emi started producing media art works with Junichi Yamaoka, an engineering researcher and media artist. She develops a questioning piece of accelerationist technology. She creates works with the motif of old retro technology such as TV and computer.