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Melancholic Magical Maiden (2023)

Generative + AI

Art Blocks Curated Collection

Melancholic Magical Maiden deconstructs the aesthetics of the ‘magical girl’ genre from 90's anime, where girls who possess magical abilities typically use them through an ideal alter ego into which they can transform.


Techno Animism

 Bright Moments Gallery
Exhibited in New York and Tokyo

In the crucible of Japan's cultural imagination, where every object is believed to house a spirit, and technology is embraced not as a foe but as a companion, the series "Techno-Animism" manifests as a profound exploration of this symbiosis. 


Morphing Memory of
Neural Fad

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

This work features numerous photographs of somewhat familiar yet strange sceneries. Displayed are fictional street snapshots made by generative AI. The series of images reexamines the relationship between AI and human memory by evoking our feeling of nostalgia through AI creations.


​Pixelated Perception

​FEMGEN Artblocks Marfa

Pixelated Perception explores the complex confluence of the digital and the tangible, highlighting the diverse transitions in Japan. In the 1990s, pixels, the minute elements of the digital realm, emerged prominently in platforms like mobile phone communications and instances of censorship, subtly altering our perception of reality.


Filter Bubble Euphoria

Exhibited in Unit London

Filter Bubble Euphoria embodies her nostalgia for the time when cyberspace was in its genesis, a period of simplicity and limitless connections before the age of algorithmic isolations.


Synthetic Reflection 

SuperRare series

Synthetic Reflections is a self-portrait series by Emi Kusano, accumulating visions of the future once imagined by the past and lyrically illustrating their unique anticipations towards the technology of their times. It was featured on Japan's first-ever AI fashion media cover.

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